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201 stainless steel

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   stainless steel security screen wiremesh (for windows&doors) is woven with 201 stainless steel wire, and then electrostatic spraying treatment, made into black, grey, white and other diamond mesh window screens. The state of the mesh is iron plate, hard and strong impact resistance, which is a remarkable feature of our products. Transparency is very good: from the inside to the outside, the clarity is relatively high, from the outside to the inside blurred, can create a safe and comfortable private space for you, at the same time can block mosquitoes into the indoor, is the warm, safe, anti-theft, bullet-proof preferred products in the room and office.

    201 diamond mesh contains manganese, which is easy to oxidize and rust when the air is wet and salty and the maintenance is not good (of course, the situation is much better than iron products, and stainless steel oxidized rust can be treated again as wire drawing, polishing, etc., unlike iron products, the surface of the electroplating rust can not be treated). The general shelf life is five years without rust. The price of 201 Diamond is half or nearly double that of 304 Diamond.


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