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Invisible Anti-theft

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Invisible anti-theft window screens are almost invisible 15 meters away, and the architectural style and urban landscape are not affected. It can connect with high intelligent anti-theft system and has higher anti-theft coefficient. System construction, rapid assembly, easy installation, self-disassembly. Not easy to climb rust, long-term use beautiful as new. Reasonable price and quality assurance. It is used in high-grade office buildings, residential buildings, various buildings, livestock farms, orchards, etc. It is a better protection product for insects, mosquitoes and flies. High-grade invisible window screens are the preferred products in coastal areas and urban areas with serious acid air pollution. They are also suitable for high-level villas, residential areas, staff dormitories, flower gardens and other places.

Anti-theft invisible window screens compared with traditional anti-theft windows:

1. Falling to a child: It's guaranteed to the child; it's guaranteed to the tradition.

2. Escape in case of fire: fast (removable in 3-5 seconds); traditional is not easy to demolish.

3. Anti-theft system: it can connect the district alarm center, personal mobile phone, etc. to meet the needs of first-to-first-person; the traditional can not connect, easy to climb.

4. Influencing landscape hinders vision: no influence, basically invisible beyond 15 meters, no hindrance to the integration of vision and nature;

5. Rust, side effects: not easy to rust, no side effects; the traditional easy to rust, there is a sense of cage.

6. Price: Reasonable; Traditional price is low.

7. Installation: Convenient; Traditional Trouble.