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316L bullet-proof diamond net

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316L bullet-proof diamond net


1. Institutional Units, Units with Higher Safety Series - Bulletproof

2. Office Building, Villa, Residential Area - Anti-theft

3. Mosquito control in mountainous areas, outdoors and suburbs

4. Unified Management, Residents or Business District - Beautiful

5. Wet or Dry Cities - Corrosion Resistance and Sun Exposure


Super impact resistance, anti-theft, bullet-proof, mosquito-proof, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, high strength, strong toughness, and bright and beautiful surface.

It can better increase the air circulation rate and sunlight irradiation. Anti-theft and insect-proof net, woven by stainless steel wire, with plastic-sprayed surface

Processing, color (black, silver grey, etc.). It is hidden on the doors and windows of aluminium materials, so that they can be organically combined into one. Stainless steel mesh

Hidden in window frame, sealed by aluminium strip, beautiful and generous. It truly embodies the trinity of theft-proof, insect-proof, ventilation and ventilation. And emergency

Easy to escape, no barrier, no shelter. Easy to clean, as long as a rag can clean very clean. Long service life, can By 15-50 years.