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How to install invisible anti-theft window screen?

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   It is estimated that people living in the city have such problems. Neighbors do not know each other. They work all day long. Nobody in the family is like opening the door to thieves. And young parents with young children in their families, but also a layer of worry, now the higher the high-level cover, the naughty children do not understand, falling from high altitude is not rare. Anti-theft window screens are a means that every family will consider to avoid the above two situations.

    Soundproof window decoration effect anti-theft screens 10 years ago, mainly made of relatively thick iron railings arranged at intervals of several centimeters, painted with white rust-proof paint outside, and some do some flower geometric patterns on them, at that time, households under three floors are installing anti-theft screens. It is obvious that the function of anti-theft is obvious. It is also convenient to clean the windows. Even some flowers and weeds can be placed on the anti-theft screen windows. Read more about window size standards, window design pictures appreciate, but the traditional anti-theft screen window drawbacks began to emerge. First of all, the appearance of the city is not very beautiful, some anti-theft screens will lose paint, rust, indecent for a long time; secondly, in emergencies such as fire, because the anti-theft screens are strong and very thick iron rods, people can not escape from the window, there is potential danger; later, from indoor to outdoor, it will also occupy a large extent of people's vision, unable to appreciate the beautiful scenery and blue sky outside the window.

    Nowadays, a kind of invisible anti-theft window screen is rising. It is tensioned by 1.5-2 mm stainless steel wire, and then wound between profiles for external fixing of windows. The distance between each steel wire is 5 cm, and the steel wire can withstand more than 130 kg of tension. The strong ability to withstand tension deters the burglars and avoids the danger of children playing on the balcony. Read more about the price of stainless steel anti-theft windows, stainless steel anti-theft windows specifications, stainless steel anti-theft windows. How about the invisible anti-theft windows? Because of the thin steel wire, this kind of invisible anti-theft windows can be invisible 15 meters away, so that the community looks clean and tidy. Similarly, because of its small diameter, firefighters can quickly remove invisible anti-theft window screens in 2-3 seconds to achieve evacuation and rescue of personnel in case of fire and other emergencies.

    Screen installation screen installation is relatively simple, generally in the place of purchasing screen, will provide door-to-door installation services. As long as the steel wire is tightened and the spacing is even, it should be noted that many properties will not allow the installation of screens, so we should communicate with them well in advance. And the installation of screens and windows should be carried out before the wall paint, in order to prevent the installation of damage to the wall.

    The relevant knowledge about the installation method of invisible anti-theft window screens is introduced to you here. I believe you have already counted it in your mind. When installing anti-theft window screens, you must ask professional personnel to install them. Never install them by yourself.