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Punch web drum

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Punching mesh drum is a kind of plate used for screening and filtering, which is made of 304 stainless steel plate through various processes. Because it is made of punching, it is also called punching net. According to different materials, it can also be called Suqian Stainless Steel 304 punching net. Stainless iron is chromium-free and nickel-free, also known as Cr stainless steel, has a certain anti-corrosion ability! Stainless iron is not a common saying. It is generally believed that stainless steel with ferromagnetism mainly refers to 1Cr17 (ferrite) series and 1Cr13 (martensite) series, while iron with austenitic stainless steel sheet does not have ferromagnetism when it exists. It is easy to misunderstand the distinction between Ni and Cr in this paper, although they lead to the isomerization of Fe. But Fe and Ni are ferromagnetic and Cr is paramagnetic. Many of the 1J series of high performance soft magnetic materials are Ni-based. Compared with stainless steel, stainless steel mainly depends on whether it contains nickel or not. Stainless iron is generally referred to as S US430 in Japan and 1Cr17 in China. Its main chemical compositions are: C:<0.12, Si:<0.75, Mn<1.00, P:<0.035, S<0.030, Ni:<0.60, and Cr:16.00-18.00 as ferritic stainless steel. Stainless steel contains both chromium and nickel. Because nickel is a stable element, its corrosion resistance is naturally much stronger than that of stainless steel.

Punch mesh drum supplier specifications and sizes:

Size: 1000*2000, 1220*2440

Mesh hole: round hole

Aperture: 1-5mm

Hole spacing: 1-10mm