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Crimped wiremesh 304

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Stainless steel barbecue net:

Material: stainless steel wire, low carbon galvanized wire. Braiding and characteristics: braided and welded; high temperature resistance, no distortion, no rust, non-toxic and tasteless, easy to use;

Shape: divided into round, square, arc, etc.

Process: Electrolytic Polishing of Argon Arc Welding Spot Welding for Plain Wire Rolling Mesh

Usage: Nowadays, barbecue shops are everywhere in the city. Barbecue features a variety of patterns, such as meat can have roast mutton, roast beef, roast chicken, fish kebabs, meatballs, animal viscera and so on. Chicken alone has chicken kebabs, roast chicken wings, roast chicken legs, roast chicken hearts, and even chicken skin, chicken eyes can be roasted. In addition, vegetables such as pepper, eggplant and even bananas can also be used to roast, so young people are deeply fond of their own hands. This is the case.

According to the shape, it can be divided into: circular flat barbecue net, circular concave barbecue net, square flat barbecue net and square concave barbecue net.

According to the material, it can be divided into galvanized wire barbecue net, galvanized steel wire barbecue net and stainless steel barbecue net.

According to the grip, it can be divided into grill net with handle (also known as grill) and grill net without handle.

Texture of material


Disposable mesh material: galvanized wire.

Disposable mesh edge material: tinplate (also known as tinplate).

Many times use barbecue mesh materials: medium carbon steel wire, stainless steel 304.

Process: Interlaced braiding, crown braiding, argon arc welding, etc.

Surface treatment: galvanizing, electrolysis, polishing, etc.

Features: High temperature resistance, no distortion, no rust, non-toxic, tasteless, easy to use.

Usage: Mainly used in restaurants, restaurants, barbecues, picnics, camping, military, tourism and other activities of pasta, meat, fish barbecue, steaming, smoking, deeply favored by baking enthusiasts. Anping Huanshun Products Factory is located in Anping County, the country's home of wire mesh. Our factory mainly produces wire mesh deep processing products, including barbecue mesh, filter mesh, wire handicraft, various special-shaped spot welding parts, special-shaped mesh, mesh basket, barbecue mesh, supermarket shelf, refrigerator shelf, mechanical shield, pet cage, etc.

1: When the charcoal fire is just on fire, you shouldn't barbecue immediately. You shouldn't think that the fire is very vigorous. If you barbecue food directly with open fire, it will produce many harmful substances to human body, which will blacken the food. We should pay attention to this in the future.

2: Do not eat too much meat when eating barbecue, should eat some vegetables, fruits, meat is very difficult to digest food, if the stomach is full of meat, it will increase the difficulty of digestion, serious will cause permanent damage to the stomach, the next barbecue to pay attention to.

3: Do not dip too many condiments in the barbecue net when baking food. Too many condiments will have adverse effects on the body. Too many condiments can also lead to food taste distortion, which makes it impossible to taste the original food and feel that everything you eat is a taste. You can experience this next time when you eat barbecue.