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Stainless steel filters

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Stainless steel filter cartridge:

There are basket type, double ear type, flange type, basket type filter cartridge, threaded interface type and so on.

Main materials:

201 304, 304L, 316, 316L stainless steel punching mesh, stainless steel braided mesh, stainless steel welding mesh, stainless steel plate mesh, stainless steel plate.

There are single-layer and multi-layer.


The metal filter barrel, net pipe, net barrel and filter pipe are welded by stainless steel mesh, stainless steel punching net, iron mesh, stainless steel plate and iron plate. It can be single-layer welding, multi-layer welding, and after single-layer welding, the metal filter barrel, net pipe, net barrel, filter element and filter tube can be overlapped and inserted together to form multi-layer filtering.


1) Catalyst filtration and separation;

2) High temperature gas filtration in petrochemical industry, tail gas filtration in boiling bed of petrochemical plant and slurry filtration in catalytic cracking;

3) Purification of high temperature flue gas in metallurgical industry;

4) Filtration of other high temperature gases and liquids;

5) Filtration of various high temperature, corrosive liquids and catalysts in petrochemical industry;

6) Filtration and purification of various polymer melts in the chemical fiber film industry;

7) Filtration and separation of various catalysts in pharmaceutical industry;

8) Orifice plate material for gas distribution and liquid bed;

9) For high pressure backwashing oil filters, etc.

10) Used for filtering various kinds of slurries of edible oil, beverage and food;

11) Used for purifying and filtering production sewage.